Demystifying strategy implementation – A roadmap for putting strategy to action

Demystifying strategy implementation – A roadmap for putting strategy to action
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About the Book

Demystifying strategy implementation – A roadmap for putting strategy to action

As the title indicates, this book is about mastering the concept of strategy implementation in order to transform your business to the next level. Business owners and managers (BOMs) as well as senior executives working for the tiny, small and medium enterprises (TSMEs) do not lack brilliant ideas but lack the capabilities to implement them.
This book has been written by an author who himself was a BOM in the TSME sector for over three decades. The intention of the book is to give BOMs a clear understanding in a very structured way about the strategy implementation process. The book touches less of academic stuff but emphasises more on processes, established business models and process models developed by the author. Relevant examples have been included at most of the places for easy understanding.

Books written so far on Strategy Implementation talk more about the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of implementation. This book speaks about the ‘How’ of implementation so that Business Owners and Managers (BOMs) can successfully use the book without any hand-holding.
Dr. Sanjay Runwal

About the Author

Dr. Sanjay Runwal is the CEO and Founder of the strategy consulting firm Strategic Business Solutions (India) at Pune. He engages in the activity of mentoring, training and consulting in the fields of strategic management and business transformation with a focus on strategic leadership, strategic planning, strategy implementation and competitive advantage for businesses. He has been rendering his services to varied sectors such as real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, auto components, chemical, health care and several others in the service sector. 

Sanjay is a much sought out speaker and speaks at different forums across the country on topics related to strategy, management, leadership and business transformation. The other topics he speaks on are concepts created by him - Systematic Blow Out Plan (SBOP) and Doing Good in Life (DGL). Over the last few years Sanjay has taken to Pro Bono working and, in few cases, professional charges received are marked to charity.

Sanjay also has several intellectual properties in the field of strategic management to his credit and he contributes to the field of strategic management as a researcher, educator, mentor, trainer, consultant and speaker besides being an author.
Sanjay started his professional career in 1983 in the retail and distribution segments at Vijayapura (Karnataka); two businesses which he co-founded. After a very successful stint he moved to Pune in 1994 to be a part of the real estate industry as a real estate developer. In 2001 he founded the Runwal Housing Group and executed several landmark housing projects in Pune. Through a planned retirement process, he completely exited the real estate industry in 2016. Besides real estate development, Sanjay has also been a part of the hospitality industry having set up a theme-based villa resort at Mulshi near Pune. 

Sanjay has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a master’s degree in Strategic Planning and is a fellow in Business Strategy. He also has a post graduate certification in Business Research Methods and a post graduate diploma in Alternate Dispute Resolution Methods. 

Sanjay has been associated with professional bodies and institutions such as CREDAI, Indian Council of Arbitration, and Rotary.  

About Publisher

Published by: Mrs. Meena Pandey 
‘Ramdoot’, Dr Bhalerao Marg, Girgaon, Mumbai -400004
Phone: 022-23860170, 23863863

I wish every Business Owner and Manager (BOM) reading this book, a sustainable competitive advantage based on successful Strategy Implementation.

Dr. Sanjay Runwal

Making the right strategic plan for a business is no doubt an exercise which calls for a lot of experience, expertise and excellence however the real challenge is when the rubber hits the road and when these plans are to be actually implemented.

Dr. Sanjay Runwal

While writing this book the key deciding factor has been about what is of use to the Business Owners and Managers (BOMs) in running their businesses smoothly and successfully. Unwanted academic stuff and theories have been excluded to keep the content tight and relevant.

Dr. Sanjay Runwal

Let this book find a constant place on your table. Use a pencil or pen to mark things of importance to you, scribble notes, put your own comments and make this book your full-time companion.

Dr. Sanjay Runwal

The real success of strategy is not in its making but in its Implementation

Dr. Sanjay Runwal

What is required today is a crisp compact and extremely powerful book on Strategy Implementation – which is easy to follow and still easier to implement. In short what is needed is a Hand Book!

Dr. Sanjay Runwal