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Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a very specialized activity which leads to setting of business direction after taking a long term view for the growth of the organisation. This involves building a road map for developing a sustained competitive advantage for the organisation and delivering more than above average returns to the shareholders (owners) consistently.

Dr. Runwal’s Strategic Management Model
Runwal’s Strategic Management Model

Dr. Sanjay Runwal has developed his own Strategic Management Model now named as the ‘Runwal’s Strategic Management Model’ which is the platform for building organisations which are ‘Built to Last’.

This is a time tested and proven model which binds all the functional areas of the organisation towards achieving the common vision and mission of the organisation.

This Business Sutra as Dr. Sanjay Runwal calls it, helps the organisation to achieve its goals in a time bound manner and helps it grow faster with lesser risk of failure. However it is important to understand – ‘What’s the use of measuring speed if you don’t go in the right direction’. We not only help you in the process of Strategic Planning but also help you implement your Strategies. As a matter of fact implementing strategies is the real challenge for most of the organisations and as rightly put in the words of Dr. Sanjay Runwal – ‘Making a Strategic Plan is one thing and making it work is another, however as a Strategic Leader, you are responsible for both’.

The other most important aspect we specialize in is to help you develop your distinct competitive advantage and help you build a complete ecosystem around it which helps you further build and develop this competitive advantage. It is most of the times seen that organisations which are being run by piece-meal management models end up creating efficiencies in areas which don’t support your competitive advantage!

This largely happens due to lack of strategic understanding and this is where Runwal’s Strategic Management Model comes in as a comprehensive solution for your organisational growth.

Besides we also offer our services in the following fields of Strategic Management.

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Building Competitive Advantage
  • Executing Strategies through MSW and BSC methods
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Organisational Transformation  

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Customized Coaching

Dr. Sanjay Runwal is a Strategy and Leadership expert in the Real Estate domain and understands every aspect of Strategic Management in the Real Estate Industry. He has had 8 years of experience of handling Foreign Direct Investment in one of his companies from entry to exit. This has also inculcated him the essentials of Corporate Governance. Organisations in need of hand holding in the following areas may get in touch with us.

  • PE and FDI
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executing Strategies
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Dynamic Managerial Capabilities
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Project and Risk Management   

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Corporate Assistance

Dr. Sanjay Runwal has been a part of a Professional Board setting in his own company with FDI and has also been consulting to a few foreign funds and has enormous amount of board room experience. He is available to share his experience as an Observer on the Board of companies desirous of setting up high standards of corporate governance in their companies.

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