Dr. Sanjay Runwal - Mentor

Dr. Sanjay Runwal has strongly believed in the concept of Learn, Earn and Return. He has decided on his own way of returning through mentorship. It is the satisfaction in enhancing skills and helping someone else to grow which matters the most to him. This also gives him gain fresh perspectives through interaction and further develops leadership skills including providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills. It is also gives him an opportunity to reflect on his own practices and cement his role as a subject matter expert and leader.

From a Mentees perspective it provides a ‘personalised’ development opportunity to address individual learning needs and provides an opportunity to develop new skills and expertise. It also provides access to independent and objective perspectives and enhances confidence in dealing with challenges and issues and enhances networking opportunities and drives the mentee to set goals and to strive towards them. It also increases individual visibility and recognition and helps to clarify and enhance career direction and advancement and provides support during times of change and transition.

Young business leaders, startup owners or those desirous of achieving a vision in life are free to connect with Dr. Sanjay Runwal by filling out the following form for Mentorship. It may take some time for us to evaluate your request and come back to you. Do not get disheartened. All requests would be replied to though all requests may not be accepted as it depends on the time available on hand to do full justice to this task once it is accepted.

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