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Dr. Sanjay Runwal advises the top management of businesses and industries and this business consulting is aimed at owners, partners, managing directors, executive directors, directors occupying board positions, CEOs, COOs, CFOs or other CXOs.

With over 38 years of business experience in varied fields and a doctorate in Business Strategy and a Masters in Strategic Planning Dr. Runwal is the most well equipped strategist to advise key personnel (top management) from various fields of business.

Following are the key consulting areas in which Dr. Runwal specialises.

  1. Business turnaround strategies
  • Through strategic business assessment
  • Strategic support in decision making and
  • Hand holding till comfort levels are reached
  1. Business growth strategies
  • Through strategic planning
  • Developing effective competitive strategies
  • Building long term competitive advantage
  • Maximising business returns
  1. Business stability strategies
  • Successfully executing the planned strategies
  • Developing internal systems to make the strategies work
  1. Business risk management strategies
  • Identifying and assessing strategic business risks
  • Setting up strategic risk management practices
  1. Setting up control and monitoring systems
  2. Business transformation strategies
  3. Customised hand holding for strategic business needs.

Customized Coaching

Dr. Sanjay Runwal is a Strategy and Leadership expert in the Real Estate domain and understands every aspect of Strategic Management in the Real Estate Industry. He has had 8 years of experience of handling Foreign Direct Investment in one of his companies from entry to exit. This has also inculcated him the essentials of Corporate Governance. Organisations in need of hand holding in the following areas may get in touch with us.

  • PE and FDI
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executing Strategies
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Dynamic Managerial Capabilities
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Project and Risk Management   

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Corporate Assistance

Dr. Sanjay Runwal has been a part of a Professional Board setting in his own company with FDI and has also been consulting to a few foreign funds and has enormous amount of board room experience. He is available to share his experience as an Observer on the Board of companies desirous of setting up high standards of corporate governance in their companies.

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