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SBOP® and DGL®

Both these acronyms are representative of a larger philosophy of ‘SBOP Living’ developed by Dr. Sanjay Runwal about leading life after the age of 55/60. SBOP Living and DGL have evolved out of the life and experiences of Dr. Runwal and it is now his goal to take this philosophy to a larger audience across the country to promote happy, stress-free and purposeful living.


Stands for Systematic Blow Out Plan (SBOP)® for life after 55/60 and represents a philosophy of life called ‘SBOP Living’ which helps you find purpose in life and steers you towards happy, stress-free and purposeful living. The final aim of SBOP Living is to find peace and happiness in life by putting an end to inner conflicts.


Stands for Doing Good in Life and is a sub activity of SBOP Living. DGL is the individual equivalent of CSR (Corporate Socio Responsibility) which applies to corporates. Dr. Runwal is a regular speaker on these two topics and is always willing to speak on them at any appropriate forum.

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